Animated Explainer Videos

We have a passion for entertaining informative content, especially full motion Animated Explainer Videos. Whether for social media, your website, an online course, a presentation, your Magic Motion Email Signature or a Constant Contact Email campaign header or footer, we can create eye-catching full-motion animated videos and can include your actual video footage, images, and logo to tell your story. 

Here’s our YouTube Channel to check out more of our work.

Animated Robot that transforms into a Scooter as a GIF inside a purple computer screen on a white background.
Helen Fosam (The Milho Initiative) Head Shot Smiling in full color.

“My journey on the MiLHO project from then until now has just been incredible, and to have you positively impact that journey is just so wonderful. So thank you!”

Helen Fosam, Milho Initiative
Helen Fosam (The Milho Initiative) Head Shot Smiling in full color.

“I engaged Susan to produce an animation for my online course. I was impressed with how Susan was keen to first understand my business, and the needs of my project. She did not only ask the right questions but took it upon herself to review my website, down to the details of my brand color. She came up with amazing suggestions and ideas, super responsive to communication, and very professional. What was intended as a one-off animation project turned into engaging Susan to produce animation for several courses. I enjoy working with Susan, and very pleased with the outcome of my projects.”

Helen Fosam, Milho Initiative
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How Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Business

May 11th, 2023|

How Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Business Explainer videos are able to convey complex ideas and information in a simple and engaging way. They use visuals, animations, and storytelling techniques to capture the viewer's attention