Choral Marketing

The Timberliners group of men and women performing on risers on a stage at the Barbershop Harmony Society International Competition in Charlotte, NC.


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Being a singer and a marketer, I found myself providing marketing services to all of the groups I have sung with or asked to assist with Show Marketing. Itโ€™s very rare for a group to execute to professional marketing standards. This is mostly because of a lack of knowledge (someone was voluntold) and itโ€™s hard to be critical of individuals who are volunteers and have never done this before.

I can help your performing arts group shine with show graphics, social media, community calendar listings, paid advertising, and VIDEOS! I just need some audio tracks, video of performance footage, images, logos and we are off to the races.

Hereโ€™s an example of some of our work and the organizations I have helped:

Southwest Vocal Alliance


Sweet Adelines Region 8 Marketing Coordinator

Heartsong Foundation Community Outreach Coordinator

Denver Mile High Chapter Marketing Specialist (which includes Sound of the Rockies and The Timberliners)

Southwest Vocal Alliance
Rocky Mountain Region 8
sound of the rockies
Denver Mile High Chapter
The Timberliners
Five Star Testimonial review from Johnny Bugarin; Denver Mile High Chapter President (Barbershop Harmony Society) with a photo of Johnny.
Five Star Testimonial review from George Davidson; Executive Director of Sound of the Rockies with a photo of George.