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Believe it or not, 100% of your customers are not on social media. Communicating on a regular basis via email or text is paramount to remind folks who have enjoyed your product or services that you are alive and kicking, are still in business, and care enough to communicate and stay in CONSTANT CONTACT. See what we did there?  We can help you with your Constant Contact email marketing. We are a Constant Contact Certified Partner. We chose Constant Contact because their deliverability rates are 97%. As an added twist…if you already have an existing Constant Contact account, we can help your emails come alive with full motion headers or footers. Allow us to be your solution provider (basically just toggling a switch) and we will do one FOR FREE every month. But wait there’s more! If you are not currently using Constant Contact, sign up here and we will design a custom full motion Header or Footer FOR FREE one time a month. If you’d like us to design your email template and craft your campaigns, we can do that too! We’ll collab with you about branding, your voice, your message, your content and BOOM! Email marketing taken care of so you can do what you love doing.

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