Digital Signage for Business

After a 13 year + professional career in indoor digital signage (DOOH Digital Out of Home), I’d like to think I learned a little somethin’ somethin’. We are offering closed systems digital signage for your business. That means only your content and your messaging (full motion and static) along with some other engaging content like weather, news, RSS Feeds, your social media, Request for Reviews with QR Codes, and Testimonials as other examples. You just need a mounted TV and good WiFi and we can make the magic happen. Great for both brick and mortar businesses to communicate with customers in-store, studio, or restaurant, as well as corporate internal messaging. Forget the expensive printed collateral that gets outdated or destroyed the minute it’s printed and put it on the big screen!

Local Herbert Agency can even help design your digital collateralReach out today to see how we can collaborate to add digital indoor signage to your business!

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Why Your Business Needs to Use Digital Signage

April 12th, 2023|

In-store digital signage has become a powerful marketing tool for retailers, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales. With the rise of technology, digital signage has replaced traditional poster or print advertising, giving retailers the