Local Link Building: Powerful SEO for Small Businesses

For small businesses looking to boost their local search presence, implementing an effective local link building strategy is key. While generic backlinks from random websites can provide some SEO value, it’s locally-relevant links that will really move the needle when it comes to ranking for geographic and industry-specific search terms…Local SEO!

In this post, we’ll explore some of the top tactics and strategies small businesses can leverage as part of their local link building efforts.

Optimizing and Building Links from Local Directories and Citation Sites

One of the most important foundations of local SEO is having your Google Business Profile properly optimized and listed on the major directories and citation sites. This includes platforms like Yelp, Mapquest, Hotfrog, Yellow Pages and many more niche sites relevant to your industry.

Ensuring your NAP (name, address and phone number) information is consistent across all major listing platforms helps establish local SEO authority. It also gives Google and users signals about the legitimacy of your local business. It’s very important that all of your info matches, so if your business has recently moved, you will want to update all citations. From a link building perspective, many of these directories allow you to add a backlink to your website on your profile page, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and add a link back to your site wherever possible.

However, there’s a BIG BUT here…there’s very recent evidence (November 2023) that its only the major sites you have to worry about. Historically and way back in the day, most small business didn’t have websites or a real online presence, so these citation sites were important to Google to serve up accurate info. Now that’s no longer the case, so we don’t recommend putting all of your eggs into the citation bucket as their importance is beginning to wane.


Partnerships and Sponsorships with Local Businesses and Organizations

Partnering with other local businesses and organizations can be a win-win. Strategic partnerships not only help cross-promote your brand, but also present opportunities for locally-relevant backlinks.

For example, sponsoring local events, sports teams, or community organizations can earn a backlink from their website to yours. You may also be able to contribute expert content to local partners’ blogs which can include links back to your site.

Getting mentioned or interviewed on local media sites, podcasts and community websites can also build valuable local links. Don’t be afraid to actively pitch relevant sites and look for creative partnership opportunities.

Networking Locally to Build Relationships

Business networking events, conferences, trade shows and community meetings are all opportunities to connect with other local business owners and leaders. Getting to know them can lead to link opportunities.

Once you’ve built relationships, you can mutually promote each other’s businesses through guest posts, sitewide links, brand mentions in local publications and directories. Who you know locally can be just as important as what you know when it comes to link building.

Optimizing Your GBP Listing Content

Your Google Business Profile itself presents direct SEO optimization and link building potential. Be sure to fully optimize your GMB listing content including categories, photos, videos, posts, offers and more.

The GBP website link in your profile allows Google to associate your website with your local business identity. So don’t miss this easy opportunity to build a powerful link straight from Google!

Link Outreach

While risky if done in a spammy manner, informed and personalized outreach can yield high quality link opportunities from relevant local sites. Be strategic in who you contact – niche local sites that align with your industry and location are best.

Offer something of value like expert content contributions via guest blog or as a podcast guest rather than just asking for links. Building relationships over time through outreach shows Google that you are an authority business partner locally.

Implementing a diversified local link building strategy takes effort but pays dividends. Utilize this mix of optimization, partnerships, networking and outreach to organically build locally authoritative links. This will visibly boost your local SEO and search presence over time.  

If executing these tips and tricks seems like quite the undertaking, assistance from Local Herbert Agency is just a few clicks away!  Click here to schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can work together for your local success!