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Local SEO

We love to help brick and mortar businesses, as well as service area businesses with Local SEO!

GET FOUND on Local Google searches with management of Google Business Profile (formerly known as Prince- j/k Google My Business). We optimize the listing and then manage the profile on a monthly basis. We do ask for a 6 month commitment as Google’s algorithm changes regularly, and positively moves when it starts to trust the business and what the Profile is feeding to Google on a weekly basis. We also offer coaching appointments to teach you how to optimize your listing and how to manage it.

We can help you optimize your Apple Map listing (now known as Apple Business Connect) for brick and mortar physical locations and make monthly Showcase updates. Apple made a big upgrade to Apple Maps by rolling out Apple Business Connect in January 2023. With the global Apple Maps user base at 200 to 600 million users, managing this listing will help your business get found.

Hate Yelp but know you should at least optimize your listing? That’s where we come in. Did you know that Yelp Reviews still feed into Apple Maps? That’s a big reason to have your Yelp listing dressed up and we can help.

Another service we offer is Citations. There are online Name Address Phone Directories that are used by Google to further strengthen your location’s authority. It’s important to have consistent information on heavily weighted directories; the address is correct and exactly the same everywhere. Even slight discrepancies have a negative impact. Ex: W vs West or Suite 302 vs #302.

Ask about how optimizing Social Media can work synergistically with your Google Business Profile!  We have a great perspective on it!

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“Susan Mann and the Local Herbert Agency provides a great customer experience.  Susan is so knowledgable and helpful.  She gave me great tips and ideas fro my Google Business Profile.  She is professional and courteous.”

Beth Boen, SHE Leads Group
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“Susan does amazing work, very thorough and effective! She got me the results in half the time she initially projected. I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

Mike Fletcher - Owner, Blood Eagle Weaponry
Blood Eagle Weaponry Logo with an eagle in black and white on white background.

“That’s awesome! Great job! Thank you!” (after seeing geogrid and #1 listing)

Mike Fletcher - Owner, Blood Eagle Weaponry
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“Thank you soooo much for everything you’ve done for me to help me grow my business over the last couple of years. I’ve seen great results with your help, and can easily see us working together again in the future.”

Ashleigh Taylor-Schmidt, Golden Root Acupuncture
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“Wow, I love your recorded update!!!  Very cool to not only have the report, but to have your comments on what they mean.  And wonderful to have such good results.”

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