Magic Motion Email Signatures

We all send lots of emails for business and personally. Why not stand out in this rather boring communication tool? We can add full motion animation with hyperlinks to your website, social, booking system, and whatever else you’d like. You can even have a monthly or weekly marketing banner for a sale or special you are running. EVEN ON A MAC! Our system is device agnostic- the Switzerland of Signatures. If you work from home and need to leave your command center (kitchen table), send an email on the go from your phone without the dreaded Sent from my iPhone signature. It will have the exact same signature as your desktop or laptop. Go ahead…live a little.

View the videos in our playlist above to see examples of our Magic Motion Email Signatures.  We’d love to help you add some pizzaz to your communications!

Mobile phone with shattered screen and a pink envelope over a purple circle. Four neon outlines of envelopes floating around phone and a woman touching a phone on the bottom.