Our Story

Marketing Should Not Be Smoke and Mirrors

Having a marketing side hustle for 15 years and also working for a start-up for over 13 years helped me to realize what I loved to do.

Local Herbert Agency was founded to provide Small Business Owners with access to advertising and marketing tools that only major brands could afford. Our goal is to demystify marketing and eliminate the smoke and mirrors and high price tag that is cost-prohibitive to the local business owner. With quick honest communication and full reporting, you will have proof that your strategy is being executed.

We pride ourselves on NOT being a full service marketing agency. We have specific lanes we stay in because we like them and are good at them. Life’s short! Don’t do things you hate or you suck at.

The most popular question we field is Who or What is Herbert? Herbert is our namesake and is a magical unicorn to help your business get found, but there’s more to the story. And it’s personal.

In December of 2019, two kindred spirits had the good fortune to meet. During lock down, West Coast Swing was our jam and the kitchen was our nightclub. One evening, this lovely gentleman donned a name tag and introduced himself as Herbert and inquired if I would like to dance…like one would do at a social dance. The rest is history.

Eric is our Creative Director and Chief Herbert Wrangler and also blessed with graphic, writing, and technological gifts.

We make a great team!

P.S. We wrote this! Not ChatGPT, BARD or some other AI content generator, but we can help you with that too.

Hello...my name is Herbert Name Tag
Susan headshot smiling black and white
Local Herbert Agency team photo Eric and Susan in kaftans with a black background.
Eric head shot smiling with glasses black and white